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About Frank Marino . . . . . .


This company traces its roots back to Italy where my father, Nick Marino, a stone mason immigrated to the United States in the 1950's. Upon arrival via ship to New York, he continued his trade and worked tirelessly as a brick layer and stone mason and quickly built up a successful business. In the 1970’s he expanded into house painting and grew that business.


I began helping out with the business in the 1980’s and shortly thereafter started a new residential painting company serving Westchester County and Fairfield County. I quickly established a reputation with local discerning clients for my personalized service and stringent quality control standards.   


As with any house painting project, repairs always are necessary as rotted wood and worn items need to be replaced. This presented a problem as finding a reliable carpenter to come in on time and also meet my demand for high quality standards created interruptions in the workflow. I solved this problem by offering full time “inhouse” carpentry. Now with offering full time Master Carpenter services, I can assure my clients receive the standards and high quality materials all within a smooth flowing schedule.


Soon after, many clients began sharing frustrations with their kitchen and bathroom renovations performed by other contractors. Their issues were mainly about professionalism, neatness, timing, quality of materials, finished work and in many cases material and product failures. In a few cases, contractors running out of money and going out of business in the middle of a project. I seized upon this opportunity and began designing and offering high end kitchen and bathroom renovations.


That’s when my company evolved into a Full Service Residential Home Improvement Company. Implementing professional service and the use of premium quality materials.

I'm raising two boys (in college), we live in Harrison NY along with our dog, Herbie. I have a passion for traveling and exploring different cultures. I retired from paragliding but still enjoy skiing, swimming, mountain biking, photography, scuba, yoga and boxing.  

My Roots . . .

Fossatto Seralta, Catanzaro, Italy


My mother's birthplace. Population 330 (yes, only three hundred thirty)

I took this picture summer of 2019 while visiting family

The other distant village in the background to the right is Pentone, that's my father's birthplace

Olive trees in the foreground, chestnut trees in the background, figs and prickly pears all over 

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Small fishing village in Amalfi

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